Urban Farmer Field School

The Urban Farmer Field School (UFFS) came out of the People’s Food Justice Summit in 2012 inspired by the Campesino a Campesino (farmer-to-farmer) movement for sustainable agriculture that originated in the Guatemala highlands in the early 1970s. Here, indigenous, small-scale farmers came together to share low cost methods for farmer-generated technologies and techniques. This grassroots movement eventually spread to hundreds of thousands of smallholder peasant farmers across the Americas who gathered to share information in similar fashion. The Urban Farmer Field School brings together urban farmers across the Bay Area for workshops on sustainable, organic agriculture practices and techniques so that our urban farms can grow food more successfully thus increasing the food security of the communities that they serve. With the help of Food First and graduate students at the University of California, Berkeley, CFJC has put together this map showcasing the UFFS locations and mission.

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