Today’s Connecting The Dots #CTD- Climate Change

Despite a 2007 commitment to stop funding climate change denial, Exxon gave over $2 million to climate denier lobbyist group American Legislative Exchange Council and Republicans in Congress. The 2007 commitment came after Exxon contributed about $30 million to researchers and activists promoting misinformation about global warming. Exxon gave $5,000 each to 49 Republican senators who voted against a resolution implicating human activity in climate change, totaling $868,150 of the $2.3 million spent in the almost 8 years since the company’s public commitment to stop funding climate deniers. When asked about its investments, Exxon spokesman Richard Keil repeated that Exxon does not fund climate change denial. This information comes at a time when climate change is in the global spotlight, with researchers and politicians of varied religious, ethnic, and political backgrounds acknowledging the problem of global warming. However, in the United States when big corporations such as Exxon fund climate change denial, it negatively impacts the movement and ultimately forces the health and well-being of people and the land to take a back seat to greed.