Today’s Connecting The Dots #CTD- Climate Change:

Philip Anschutz, one of the richest men in the United States, moves to become the biggest alternative energy giant in the country. As other oil and gas companies looking into wind farming, the fastest growing alternative energy sector, Anschutz sensed an opportunity. On the brink of selling his 500 square mile cattle ranch, Anschutz wanted to look into the possibility of turning it into a wind farm. On his Overland Trail Ranch are some of the only Class 7 winds that blow in the country; most other wind farms have Class 3 or 4 winds. Anschutz signed off on a deal that would place 1,000 of the highest wind turbines on a 20 mile stretch of his property. Altogether the wind farm can produce four times the power of the Hoover Dam, and power every home in Los Angeles and San Francisco combined.