Today’s Connecting The Dots #CTD: Climate Change

Pope Francis, who draws his name from Saint Francis patron saint of the poor and of the environment, released his long anticipated encyclical last week, “Praise Be to You”. Long awaited and highly speculated, it came as no surprise to much of the Christian world that Pope Francis’s encyclical focused on climate change. He recognizes the warming of the Earth as caused by human carelessness, and urges world leaders to reconsider their current climate measures. Pop Francis does not limit his message to Catholics, and hopes for an interfaith and global rallying. His commitment to working with all groups of people shows: the encyclical was released in seven of the most widely spoken languages, including Arabic. The encyclical calls out the worlds wealthy and powerful for not doing more to curb environmental degradation, singling out the United States in particular for not doing it’s part as a world Superpower.