Today’s Connecting the Dots #CTD- Climate Change

A massive proposed development project at the Oakland Army Base may cause even more health risks to West Oakland residents. Located near major freeways and the Port of Oakland, air quality in West Oakland has been deemed to be disease and cancer-causing. Activists and residents are now concerned about the effects the construction of this 300 acre trade center may have on the air quality in their neighborhoods. While proponents of the project argue that it will provide job opportunities and economic benefits to Oakland, residents are not convinced that the pros outweigh the cons. Many occupants are stuck between a rock and a hard place because they are not financially capable of moving elsewhere with better air quality for their children. In 2013 Tagami, developer of the Global Logistics Center, said that he has “no interest or involvement in the pursuit of coal-related operations” at the Port of Oakland. But now 4 Utah counties have proposed to invest $53 million in public funds to create a coal export operation there. We see this as yet another example of profit over people and industry’s bottom line valued over the lives and well-being of Oakland’s residents.