Theory of Change

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CFJC’s Theory of Change (TOC)

  • Basic Overview:
    • Change comes from the ground up; it begins and ends with the individual.
      • Beginning with the individual: When people start to change, then community and systems change will occur.
      • Ending with the individual: When community and systems change happens, it is key that those changes are having a positive impact in people’s everyday lives.
    • When an individual believes change is possible and when they are supported by family/friends/community/environment, then behavior change can occur.
  • Breaking TOC down:
    • The intention for behavior change is created when:
      • People believe they have the power to change and create change.
      • Being mindful of where people are at and where they are coming from. We all have our own history, experiences, and stories that influence our intentions for behavior and behavior change.
      • An individual’s perception of how those around them behave and/or their perception of social norms around a particular behavior.
    • Intention for change results in behavior change when:
      • There is support from family, friends, colleagues, etc.
      • The individual’s strengths and skills are uplifted and when they are supported with the resources they need.
    • Individual behavior change is not an end in itself
      • It is key, however, for policy, systems, and environment change because it is people who should be creating and benefiting from such changes.

Community Engagement Flowchart

The Community Engagement Flowchart demonstrates the application of our Theory of Change through our Community-Based Participatory Research and Participatory Evaluation approach.

CE Flowchart, image