Pesticide Action Network North America

Pesticide Action Network North America (PANNA) is a national non-profit that is part of an international network working to replace use of the most hazardous pesticides with ecologically-sound and socially-just alternatives. Founded in Malaysia in 1982, PAN was established due to concerns regarding the ‘Circle of Poison’ – the global trade in hazardous pesticides. PAN’s founders realized that pesticides are the linchpin of a devastating industrial agricultural system, one that is linked with many seemingly disconnected problems, including environmental contamination and biodiversity loss, hunger, displacement and poverty­. PAN was founded to empower communities to protect themselves from these disastrous consequences, by pushing for progressive, health-protective policy change that upholds the rights of communities over corporations.

Thanks to the efforts of that initial PAN leadership, an international treaty known as the Rotterdam Convention on Prior Informed Consent was written and adopted by 134 countries. This treaty enshrines countries’ right to information about, and right to refuse import of, hazardous chemicals, and strengthening and watchdogging it remains a PANNA priority.
Today, PANNA’s work spans the range from the global to the local, but remains true to its founding principles and to its roots as a network. “Whether we’re watchdogging international treaties and foreign aid policies or running local campaigns on the ground, PAN works as a network – we get it: People + Partnerships = Power” says Devika Ghai, Partners Program Coordinator at PANNA.

For more information, please visit PANNA’s website at or call 415.981.6205.

Pesticide Action Network North America
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