2008 Farm Bill

From 2006 to 2008, CFJC’s efforts focused on organizing our members, particularly in urban areas, to advocate for a 2008 Farm Bill that prioritized healthy food access, sustainable farming techniques, and equal support of small-scale, socially-disadvantaged, and beginning farmers. Our efforts, along with those of our allies, led to millions of dollars in new funding for programs including the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (formerly Food Stamps Program), Community Food Projects, outreach to new and socially-disadvantaged farmers, and support of farmers interested in transitioning to organic. Undoubtedly, these victories will inform 2012 Farm Bill advocacy efforts.

Farm Bill Campaign Background Statement:

For over seventy years the U.S. Farm Bill has set the country’s agricultural policies while doubling as a poor substitute for a national food policy. Historically, the Bill subsidizes large-scale production and processing of grains for export, while paying scant attention to ensuring access to healthy, sustainably-produced food—particularly fresh fruits and vegetables. With 12 million households lacking regular access to 3 meals a day, and 3.8 million families currently experiencing hunger in the U.S., food and farm activists across the country are keenly aware that the food needs of low-income, immigrant, and many communities of color are simply not being met. Simultaneously, small-scale and organic producers, as well as farmland conservation efforts are not being adequately served by the nation’s current agricultural policies.

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Grassroots Guide to the 2008 Farm Bill: A National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition guide of 2008 Farm Bill programs to benefit your community.