State and Local Policy Alliances

CFJC’s Participation in Local Policy

Berkeley Climate Action Coalition
♦ CFJC works with BCAC to connect climate change to public health and food access
♦ As co-chair of the Land Use and Transportation working group, CJFC works with BCAC to increase the amount of green space and urban gardens in Berkeley, focusing especially in under-served communities
♦ Also a member of the Outreach and Community Engagement working group

Berkeley Food Policy Council

♦ Members of the Steering Committee, 100 Days of Eating Local and Policy Committees
♦ Lead role in developing the BFPC’s Strategic Plan

East Bay Urban Ag Alliance 

♦ CFJC staff participate in convenings
♦ Support for local community urban agriculture efforts

HOPE Collaborative 

♦ CFJC is a HOPE Collaborative Core Partner
♦ Partnering with HC on organizing our local Oakland communities on food access and policy
♦ CFJC is a Co-chair and Co-facilitator for Food Systems Action Team – tasked with increasing food access and promote community-owned food businesses

Oakland Climate Action Coalition

♦ CFJC works with OCAC to connect climate change to public health and food access
♦ As a member of the Resiliency and Adaptation Subcommittee, CFJC assisted with Vulnerability Mapping, investigating the physical and social vulnerabilities of Oakland residents to climate change impacts. Now CFJC is working alongside the coalition to create a climate change adaptation and emergency preparedness plan for the city of Oakland
♦ As a member of the Food and Agriculture Subcommittee, CFJC works to increase community access to public and private land in Oakland for urban agriculture and gardening

Oakland Food Policy Council

♦ Current program focus on City of Oakland’s healthy food policies and local sourcing, Action Plan implementation, new grocery store developments
♦ CFJC is Chair of the Regional Innovations and Public/Private Partnership Committee, and sits on Fundraising Committee and Hiring Committee

Richmond Food Policy Council

♦ Council currently strategizing on what food-related projects to take on in the city
♦ CFJC is participating in the formation of the council

 CFJC’s Participation in State-wide Policy 

California Food Policy Council

♦ CFJC is taking a leadership role in the formation of a statewide Council of Food Policy Councils and Food Systems Alliance Groups. Launched in early 2012, members of food policy and systems groups have been meeting since June 2011 to determine what structure and governance will best serve a broad coalition. For more information contact Armando at