Food for Just-Us

Food for Just-Us provides an opportunity to improve the health of the Bayview by developing a sustainable and healthy food access program for all residents, including our families, elderly, veterans, and LBGT neighbors.  We take an inter-generational and multi-racial approach to community wellness.  Food for Just Us will provide residents with alternatives to highly processed and unhealthy food options with nutrition education and the delivery of healthy produce to local households.

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How We Started

Food for Just-Us Founder, Keith Cromartie, was born and raised in the Bayview District of San Francisco.  In 2011, he started a non-profit called Bay Bizness. The original goal was to deliver food to the low income residents by networking with local food banks and soup kitchens.

Given the Bayview is known as a food desert, where local residents do not have access to good quality produce, many residents suffer from food- related illnesses. Recognizing the importance of emergency food access and knowing the problem was bigger, Keith decided to expand the focus of his healthy food access program.

In 2013, Keith started Food for Just-Us with the ultimate goal of establishing food sovereignty in the Bayview community so that local residents have control over the affordability, accessibility, and quality of their food.