Farm Bill Workshop Powerpoint

By Lotta Chan, Christina Spach, and David Cleveland (UCSB)
February 2012

CFJC partners with individuals and organizations to provide educational workshops and planning meetings statewide regarding the Farm Bill. These Farm Bill Sessions are meant to relate the Farm Bill to our daily lives, engage residents in discussion surrounding food access, quality, and nutrition, and work together to create positive changes in our food system. The provide a safe space to discuss the biggest challenges with our current food system and what residents see as real solutions.

This powerpoint presentation was given at a Farm Bill workshop at UC Santa Barbara in February 2012. The event was co-hosted by CFJC, UCSB AB Environmental Affairs Board, and Santa Barbara County AgriFood Systems Research Group.

We publish this powerpoint here as a starting point for information and discussion, but keep in mind it is devoid of the context and facilitated discussion of our actual workshop. For more information or to host a free Farm Bill workshop in your area in California, email Lotta at

Santa Barbara Farm Bill Workshop Powerpoint

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