Farm Bill Resources

The federal Farm Bill has everything to do with the food we eat every day, yet most of us only have a vague idea of what it is. The complex policy language of the bill makes it hard to understand who benefits, how, and at whose expense. These resources will help break down the Farm Bill and provide an overview of its current reauthorization process.

CFJC Farm Bill resources
1. Farm Bill infographic
2. Farm Bill factsheet
3. 2008 Farm Bill titles and provisions
4. UCSB Farm Bill workshop powerpoint presentation
5. Letters from Executive Director Y. Armando Nieto, with Farm Bill highlights and updates
a. February 2012
b. March 2012
c. April 2012
d. May 2012
e. June 2012
6. 37 Programs set to expire with the Farm Bill

Other Farm Bill resources
1. Farm Bill Primer
2. Johns Hopkins’ Farm Bill Budget Analyzer
3. Food Systems Network NYC’s series of articles, starting Jan 2011
4. Food and Water Watch/Public Health Institute whitepaper: Do Farm Bill Subsidies Cause Obesity?
For more information on the Farm Bill, check out our general Resources tab.

CFJC’s Partners’ work on Farm Bill 2012
1. Rural Coalition’s priorities for the House Farm Bill
2. National Family Farm Coalition’s statement on the Senate Farm Bill. 6/29/12
3. National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition blogs
a. Supported amendments in House Farm Bill
b. Senate Agriculture Committee Bill release. 4/26/12
c. Overview of Senate Agriculture Committee Bill release. 5/26/12
d. Analysis of Senate Agriculture Committee Bill. 5/26/12
e. Full Senate picks up Senate Agriculture Committee Bill. 6/8/12
f. Senate Day 1 deliberations. 6/19/12
g. Senate Day 2 Deliberations. 6/20/12
h. Senate Bill passes. 6/21/12
i. Plans of House Agriculture Committee cuts loom. 7/9/12
j. House Agriculture Committee Bill Summary. 7/12/12
k. Analysis of House Agriculture Committee Bill. 7/12/12
4. Public Health Institute’s Farm Bill amendment priorities in the House Agriculture Committee
5. National Farmers Union summary and positions
6. Senate Agriculture Committee: Agriculture Reform, Food, Farm and Jobs Act of 2012 summary
7. Environmental Working Group
a. Feelings on the House Agriculture Committee Bill. 7/12/12
b. Analysis of House Agriculture Committee amendment that limits states’ authority to regulate conditions or standards in agriculture production. 7/12/12

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