Connecting the Dots #CTD – Race, Power, Privilege

Today’s Connecting the Dots #CTD – Race, Power, Privilege: How are big brands boosting their profits? America’s largest food manufacturers such as Kraft, General Mills, and Campbell have shifted their retail strategies to specifically target the poor. The food companies are beginning to sell less of their packaged foods in traditional grocery stores and more of those foods in dollar and discount stores. They have also learned to sell their packaged foods to America’s poor at a much higher profit margin. In order to offer the façade of affordability, manufacturers are selling food in smaller packages. While these granola bars, sauces, and cereals look like they cost less, they actually are fare more expensive on a per ounce basis. In the end, as long as the people you’re selling to are actively deciding whether or not to stock up at a discount or buy only for the week at a slight mark-up, it’s just a value proposition. But for the people who shop at dollar stores, it’s unclear whether or not they have that luxury. Often times, the consumer is buying food that looks cheaper but is ultimately costing them more to their wallet and more importantly, their health.

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