Connecting the Dots #CTD – Race, Power, Privilege

Today’s Connecting the Dots #CTD – Race, Power, Privilege: Protecting Those Who Protect Our Food: Every year, 5.5 million people are sickened by norovirus, a highly contagious gastrointestinal bug. Last year, the CDC announced 70% of the outbreaks among cooks, waiters, and other food-related workers. This is just one example of the critical role that food workers play in our nation’s economic and public health systems. While we often tailor employment laws for work that has special impacts on the public, the law has yet to recognize food workers as a distinct class. Until recently, very few restaurant workers had the legal right to paid sick time, which meant many of them went to work very ill. Federal laws can fix this problem by requiring employees to provide their workers with paid time off. Farm workers who witness the processing of infected livestock are also at risk of spreading a host of diseases to humans. Unless we offer specific legal protection for all food workers who come forward to expose such practices, we are all at risk.

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