Connecting the Dots #CTD – Race, Power, Privilege

What does #blacklivesmatter, have to do with climate change? Everything. Had wealthy white Americans had been the ones left without food and water for days in a giant sports stadium after Hurricane Katrina, even George W. Bush would have gotten serious about climate change. “George Bush doesn’t care about black people,” Kanye West famously said, going way off script during a 2005 telethon for victims of Hurricane Katrina. During Katrina, it was overwhelmingly New Orleans’s black residents who were abandoned on their rooftops and in the Superdome; who did not receive emergency aid in the earliest days; who were accused as “looters” when they took matters into their own hands; who were labeled “refugees” in their own country; and who were shot by both vigilantes and cops on the streets of their own city. If current race-based hierarchy of humanity is left unchallenged, then we can be certain that our governments will continue their procrastination, redefining “dangerous” to allow for the sacrifice of ever more people, ancient cultures, languages, and countries. And if black lives really do matter (and they do) then global warming is already a five-alarm fire, and the lives it has taken already are too many.
#ClimateINJUSTICE #RacialINEQUALITY #BlackLivesMatter #ClimateChange