Connecting the Dots #CTD – Poverty

Today’s Connecting the Dots #CTD – Poverty: Researchers at the University of Manchester will work with charities to explore how society can reduce waste and get food to those who cannot afford it. The undertaking was announced this week as a joint project with community organizations such as FareShare Greater Manchester, Lifeshare, Cracking Good Food, the Rainbow Christian Centre and the Compassion Foodbank. The project will explore ways to get food parcels to those in need and look into providing hands-on cooking training for people who want to learn how to make good, affordable food from scratch, pick up budgeting tips, and understand more about healthy eating. Dr. Kingsley Prudam, lecturer and expert on food insecurity will lead the project for the University. His recent research concluded that food insecurity and malnutrition in the UK is a much wider problem than has been recognized and the rapid growth in the number of food banks and food donation points in supermarkets suggests a “normalization” of food aid in the UK. Seb Serayet, Development Manager for FareShare in Manchester said “We supply hundreds of tones of surplus food to over 130 charitable organizations who feed vulnerable people in Greater Manchester. However, giving food does not solve the problem. We need to do more to understand and address the underlying causes of food insecurity and poverty and working with the University and front line partners will help us achieve this.”

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