Connecting the Dots #CTD – Climate Change

Today’s Connecting the Dots #CTD – Climate Change: In the face of a warming climate, which is more equitable and sustainable: Peasant and Small-Scale Agriculture or Climate-Smart Agriculture? To the participants of the People’s Summit on Climate Change in Lima (12/10), they would whole-heartedly support small-scale agriculture. Latin American organizations such as Visa Campensina and the Coordination of Rural Organizations (CLOC) denounce “climate-smart” agriculture as methods only proposed by governments of industrialized countries. These include carbon markets, REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degredation) projects, land-grabbing (and relocating of residents), and the production of agro-fuel. Representatives from Via Campesina stated that these false solutions are only going to worsen the climate situation; peasant and small-scale agriculture would produce enough food while taking care of Mother Earth and ensure the future of generations to come.

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