Connecting the Dots #CTD – Climate Change

Since food is so plentiful in developed countries, many people aren’t aware of the tremendous amount that is wasted and the impact it has on world hunger, political stability, and climate change. National Geographic says one third of all the food produced on our planet never reaches a table – roughly 1.3 billion tons of food that is either spoiled in transit or thrown out. The energy that goes into the production, harvest, transport, and packaging of wasted food generates more than 3.3 billion tons of carbon dioxide. When it comes to looking for ways to curb greenhouse gas emissions, food waste is a relatively easy fix. Two thirds of food wastage come from the production and distribution level. Here, government can enact food safety standards to innovate and scale technologies in properly transporting and storing perishable foods. One third of food wastage comes from the consumer level. Reducing the amount of personal food waste doesn’t require any new technology, just more efficient use of what we already have. Let’s buy just the food we need and accept that produce can be top quality and delicious even with slight imperfections. We can all take small steps that will accumulate to make a meaningful difference!

#FoodWaste #ClimateChange #GreenhouseGasEmissions