Center for Climate Change and Health

The Public Health Institute (PHI) is building its climate change capacity, and CFJC is taking a lead role as Executive Director Y. Armando Nieto is the co-Director of the Kresge Funded Climate for Health project. CFJC will establish a robust national network of public health and community-based organizations working on climate change and health, partnering with California-based organizations working on climate change mitigation, adaptation, and resilience expertise; including organizations that work with local governments on climate action planning, who will serve as resource experts for the project staff and pilot projects.

By framing climate change as a health issue, CFJC and PHI can show how it is relevant and significant, as well as understandable to the public. Climate communications with a public health focus will also be more likely to reach people and motivate them to support and take climate change action for themselves and their communities.

Climate Change and Health: A Framework for Action


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