Climate Change

CFJC’s Climate Change Work

Rally participants paint a mural in from of the EPA offices

Rally participants paint a mural in front of the EPA offices

Climate change poses a threat to all our communities, adversely impacting physical, biological, and human and managed systems(1). The vulnerability of low-income communities and people of color is evidenced by the magnification of existing health problems, increased food and water insecurity, and inadequate disaster preparedness. By developing strategies to fit the needs of communities disproportionately affected by climate change, we can break the pattern of unsustainable practices and fight against the increasing severity of climate change. CFJC provides support to community groups and partner organizations working to build a movement for climate change resiliency by encouraging individual actions, reinforcing community networks, and raising awareness and advocating for policies that promote sustainability. CFJC’s climate change work is at the nexus of climate change, food systems, and health equity.

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California Public Policy Action Plan For Climate Change

(1). Food production, livelihoods, health, and economics.