Climate Action Coalitions

Oakland Climate Action Coalition


Oakland aerial view.
Source: U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Digital Visual Library

CFJC has served on the Oakland Climate Action Coalition (OCAC) in various capacities. The Oakland Climate Action Coalition is a cross-sector collaboration striving to lead Oakland’s response to climate change—both mitigation and adaptation—through sustainable, equitable, community-based economic development. Climate change will disproportionately impact people of color and low-income people, therefore; OCAC sees low-income residents and communities of color as the main authors and architects of climate solutions. Since 2009, the Coalition has worked with the City of Oakland to engage residents in the development of the Oakland’s Energy and Climate Action Plan, and it continues to work closely with the City to advance effective and equitable implementation of the Plan.

OCAC focuses on four main issues: Local Clean Energy, Food Justice and Urban Agriculture, Land Use and Transportation, and Resilience and Adaptation. Making certain that this new movement in Oakland is one of equity and social justice, OCAC incorporates community engagement, education, leadership development, and sustainable economic development.

Food Justice & Land Access Committee

The Edible Parks Task Force is a working group of Oakland CBOs (Community Based Organizations) and neighborhood residents; the task force developed from the Food Justice & Land Access Committee of OCAC. The EPTF aims to complement and amplify the important work of the Oakland Parks and Recreation’s (OPR) Community Garden Coordinator while supporting OPR’s “efforts to promote health, stem obesity, and encourage civic participation, personal development, and empowerment.” 

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Berkeley Climate Action Coalition

CFJC is also proud to be part of the Berkeley Climate Action Coalition (BCAC), which is a network of local organizations and community members working to implement the Berkeley Climate Action Plan. BCAC has launched several working groups – Community Choice Energy, Multifamily Energy Efficiency and Recycling, Land Use, and Transportation improvements. The working groups are carrying out several projects to address climate change and improve access to clean air and water, healthy food, renewable energy, energy efficient housing and public transit. All of these projects are conducted through the lens of social justice and community engagement.