By Luis Ochoa, Communications Intern 

After reading about The New Bill of Right Project at CFJC my initial reaction to it was how have we as a country let all of this happen? Is there anything you can’t get away with that is not answered by money? What is scary, is that these actions are only a fraction of what is occurring every day in the United States. Another point that the project promotes that I also enjoyed as well was how well it reels you in. From federal and local laws to women’s reproductive rights, there has to be a topic in there for you to speak your mind about. And you have to literally be living under a rock not to know more than two of these instances, as our news stations have turned into our nightly entertainment that will show anything to bring in the viewers. This instance very much reminds me of the television series The Newsroom, which is about a fictional cable news channel who actually set out to put on a news show in the face of corporate, commercial and personal obstacles. Anyways, after rereading about the Bill of Right Project I was reminded myself that I should share it with more people, as that is the whole point of it, to get people thinking and talking about these issues. I had previously sent it to one of my professors in one of my assignments but I am still waiting for her response. For our next assignment I plan to send her the executive director letter to see if she responds to that. I think that what CFJC are creating here is great and we have to remember that social movements all started out as an idea in some one’s head. So help us steer this country back on course to being the greatest country in the world.