My Dear Friends:
The year is drawing to a close. Yesterday, the GOAT (Getting Our Act Together) conference call checked on the Farm Bill status—is there a back room deal in the works? That’s why you need to donate to CFJC. Because Congressional dysfunction, and corporate greed are alive and well this holiday season. And the New Year surely promises more of the same.The good news is that a growing number of people have had enough; we see it all across the country. And a number of nonprofit organizations, many our partners, are standing up to the bellicose lies that support cutting food/SNAP benefits for families and children, and other services that preserve and protect our homes and our environment.For whatever you are doing in the struggle, and in your daily lives, thank you. But for CFJC time is short. We need you to step up and make a donation so that we can continue to connect the dots, to show how you are not alone; to hold accountable a class and mentality that avers Unemployment Insurance Benefits enable a culture of dependency.The theme of this fund drive has been a look at the War on Poverty at 50 years.

Now its time to be positive, to focus on what we can do in response to the challenge President Lyndon Johnson issued 50 years ago:

– End the current war on the poor
– End the war on women
– End the reign of right wing pundits
– Pass a full and fair Farm Bill 
– Pass a comprehensive immigration reform bill

The people I have met in my work at CFJC are nothing less than phenomenal. Partners and members work on access to health care, immigration, conservation, minimum wage, hunger, beginning farmers, the list goes on and on. And the thing that connects them is a burning desire for fairness.

That is the message of hope as we face the New Year.

Let fairness be the measure of our work, of our country.

If you believe that fairness is embodied by the greed and wealth accumulation of the 1% of our country who continue to amass wealth at the expense of our people, then, god bless you.

But if you still believe in the dream of America; or the story of the first peoples; or the folk lore of your ancestors that speaks of family, community and tribe first—then please contribute to CFJC so that we can continue to speak out on your behalf.

And to connect your story to the stories of your neighbors. So that, together, we can take back our country from the small-minded masters whose defining characteristics are avarice and greed.

There is hope in 2014. We just have to shine a light on the wonderful things people are doing in our communities, and in communities across the country.  And speak out.

Speak out against the madness of war.

Speak out against the insanity of the notion “that corporations are people, my friend.”

Speak out for public policy that serves our communities, our farmers and farm and food workers.

We vow to be with you. Now we ask you to help out with your donation.

Please consider the monthly contribution option through PayPal. Any amount will help us in our work.