A Road Crossed On My Way Up

30 September 2015

blog, Internship Reflection

by: Ashlee Wakefield,

As a strong believer that everything happens for a reason, I am certain that I was placed here at CFJC for every reason that I needed on my journey through life. Courtney, despite the interesting period of transition and stress- made sure that I along with the other intern’s interests’ and passions were met with the work she designated to us. She wanted to empower growth in every area that we were interested, talented or needed improvement in.

My writing improved, my research skills and resourcefulness improved and I grew a passion for social justice that I didn’t fully recognize before. It’s been long realized that the struggle and pain in others has driven my ambition to serve humanity, I can admit that through exploring my creative outlets and the areas that my major has focused on, I became a little detached from that drive and very self-interested in my own awareness. That was, in order to help others by helping myself first. But my vision was too general, I wanted to save the world, but ignored reaching out to those local to me. My time here has reintroduced me to the communities close to me, and the people close to me that need my hand. It has ignited the areas within myself that I can utilize to make a change.

CFJC was an unexpected growing and learning experience for me. During my short time here I learned to practice self-motivation and how to create a meaning in ones work when you are uncertain of the end goal. It has empowered me to voice my opinion in a room full of other people with other opinions. I learned that each voice is as equally important as they each stem from entirely different experiences. I learned to speak up in a professional and considerate manner, without tip toeing around feelings but being aware of what I am saying and those who are in the room, as well as checking any judgements and stereotypes before developing one.

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