June 2015: Food First

By Ashlee Wakefield, Communications and Fundraising Intern 

This month CFJC highlights Food First in honor of its 40th anniversary. Food First is a research institute that provides provide tools to understand the global food system, build local movements, and engage with the global movement for food sovereignty. The three areas of Food First’s work are research, education, and action.  The research publications are used to expose myths and common misconceptions about the food system while using language that is very accessible and easy to follow. Food First works to amplify the voices on the ground- the people being directly affected by the food system and share that information with activists everywhere to inspire action for change.

The co-founders of Food First, Frances Moore Lappé and Joseph Collins, wrote a number of best-selling books together, including the well-known “World Hunger:-12 Myths.” Now, 40 years later and in alignment with the anniversary celebrations, Frances and Joseph are rewriting a new version of the publication that will have new research, current data and relevant information to the issues we are experiencing today.

“We spread information, and make information available that people don’t get in mainstream media”- Alexandra Toledo (Development Director)

Food First holds monthly events throughout the year at La Peña Cultural Center in Berkeley every third Wednesday. Each event is very different as they are based on current events, new documentaries, or wherever the energy may be in our communities. If you are in the area, it is a great way to get to know Food First and explore different topics every month.

Food First is also engaged in community events like the U.S. Social Forum coming up at the end of June. Food First is one of the anchor organizations for the Food Sovereignty People’s Movement Assembly. Their role is to facilitate conversations about the different fronts of struggle in food sovereignty in the U.S., and to engage organizations, activists and individuals who are interested in and committed to food sovereignty.

In May, as part of the 40th Anniversary celebrations, Food First held a  40th Anniversary Panel, “Spotlight on Food First: Shaping the Food Debate for 40 Years,” with past and current board and staff reflecting on the role of Food First in the food movement for the past four decades.

In October, Food First will be holding its 40th Anniversary Gala event. The gala is a great opportunity to connect with Food First in person, whether you’ve been a long time partner or are new in the area. The gala will be an exciting, engaging event, and an opportunity to learn how to become involved with the organization. There will be a mix of local performers, a few speakers, and then you’ll be able to dance the night away while enjoying great food and drinks.

To stay up to date with upcoming events and 40th Anniversary activities, sign up for monthly e-newsletters at: http://foodfirst.org/get-involved/stay-informed/



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