Internship Reflection

30 December 2013


By Chris Loomis, Communications Intern 

My internship at the Community Food and Justice Coalition proved to be a fruitful experience. I think CFJC has a unique approach to its work as a non-profit organization. I would describe CFJC as a fluid and transparent organization based on my experiences as CFJC intern. This approach was challenging, yet rewarding for me as an intern.

When I first started working at CFJC, I was strictly involved in communications work. I maintained the communications metrics, posted tweets, and so forth. As time passed, I started to become involved with CFJC’s hands-on work as well. This includes the edible parks meetings, SFSU workshops, etc. I have to admit, I found it a bit intimidating at first to be involved with some of CFJC’s work, like their SFSU workshops. As an intern, I was expected to play an important part in some of CFJC’s work.  But I would say that being involved with CFJC’s work was rewarding. For instance, I enjoyed connecting with students during the Food Fight workshops at San Francisco State University. I also think I became more at ease with public speaking due to CFJC’s work. It took time for me to overcome some of my initial fears.

I think one quality that makes CFJC a unique organization is their willingness to allow interns to become involved in their work. The CFJC staff members encouraged me to be involved with all of their work, including important meetings, workshops, and so forth. I am not sure I would have similar work opportunities if I were an intern at another organization.

I also think CFJC’s staff members are very supportive and appreciative of interns. For instance, Courtney showed me how CFJC operates on social media, website posts, and so forth. In addition, Jessy and Courtney informed me on how their SFSU workshops operate. I felt at ease with them as mentors. They were willing to help and support me as an intern.

Overall, my experience at CFJC was positive. I felt like I gained a better understanding of partnership collaboration and strategizing through CFJC. The GOAT process is a good example of such partnership work. I also gained important work experiences through my internship. My only regret with my internship is that I should have been more involved with food policy meetings, various workshops, and other hands-on tasks. But I think my schedule limited my opportunities. Other than that, I had a positive internship experience with CFJC.

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CFJC promotes the basic human right to healthy food while advancing social, agricultural, environmental and economic justice. Through advocacy, organizing and education, we collaborate with community-based efforts to create a sustainable food supply. We envision a food system in which all activities, from farm to table, are equitable, healthful, regenerative and community-driven.

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