November 2013: Rural Climate Network

The Rural Climate Network is a collaborative project between the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy and partner organizations. The idea for the network was born at the 2011 National Rural Assembly, when a climate change working group formed in response to the lack of collaboration among rural communities regarding climate change adaptation and mitigation. Rural, natural resource-dependent communities are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change, as they are often those most closely linked to natural ecosystems for their economic, social and environmental well-being. The Rural Climate Network is intended to foster collaboration that will eventually get at the complex issues that create rural injustices.

The aim of the Rural Climate Network is to meet the climate challenge from diverse yet shared rural contexts. The network intends to connect rural organizations and individuals with other likeminded groups and citizens around the country. The “members” section of the website provides information about the work Rural Climate Network member organizations are doing with their communities to address the changing climate.

In addition to promoting the work of its members, the Rural Climate Network also works to advance practical strategies to adapt to and mitigate the current and anticipated effects of climate change. The intent is to document and disseminate innovations, best practices, impacts and other stories on what real people in rural communities across the country are already doing to take on this enormous challenge.

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