Over 400 Organizations call for a Full Fair Farm Bill

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Y. Armando Nieto, Community Food and Justice Coalition, yanieto@cafoodjustice.org, 510-547-1547; Lorette Picciano, Rural Coalition, lpicciano@ruralco.org, 202-628-7160; Katherine Ozer, National Family Farm Coalition, kozer@nffc.net, 202-543-5675

October, 2013

Over 400 Organizations call on Congress to take action for a Full and Fair Farm Bill

In partnership with over 400 organizations across the country, the Community Food and Justice Coalition, Rural Coalition, and National Family Farm Coalition, are calling for action on our nation’s most pressing farm and food policy. With all the current drama going on with government shutdown, we cannot forget our most vulnerable populations.

Over the last two years, organizations have been involved in the GOAT process, working throughout the country and across sectors, from grassroots to national, to influence the broken Farm Bill re-authorization process. More than 400 groups have signed onto the attached statement that calls for a full and fair Farm Bill that restores funding to our country’s nutrition programs, supports the next generations of our nation’s farmers and ranchers, protects farm and ranch land, forests, and other natural resources, and supports many other programs that communities, farmers, and producers have fought for over the past few Farm Bill cycles.

“It’s true that continuing resolutions and government shutdowns seem to be the normal course of business, but our people deserve better. Pass a full and fair Farm Bill” – Y. Armando Nieto, Executive Director, Community Food and Justice Coalition

The attached statement sends a strong voice and unified message, from urban to rural, grassroots to policy-based, food to farm, that we deserve better.


 Read statement in full with 400+ organizational signers: http://comfoodjustice.org/2013/07/16/goat-statement-on-the-house-farm-bill-passage-3/

Send the above materials to your Congress Member and urge them to alert their Colleagues that we need a full and fair Farm Bill re-authorized. The Conference Committee Members for both the House and Senate have been selected, will post list shortly.


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