House Floor takes up Farm Bill

17 June 2013


Jessy Gill, CFJC Policy Specialist

Today, the House of Representatives prepares to consider H.R. 1947, Federal Agriculture Reform and Risk Management Act of 2013 (FARRM – the House version of the Farm Bill). Yesterday 226 amendments were filed with the House Committee on Rules in preparation for debate. Last year’s Farm Bill reauthorization process was held up at this point, with House leadership refusing to take the bill to the floor until it ultimately expired on September 30th (refresh your memory on Farm Bill timeline with our infographic). Although we may be taking one step further in the reauthorization process this year, we seem to be two or more steps behind in the actual content of the bill.

The House is scheduled to vote on the bill this Thursday, leaving two days for debate on FARRM. Due to the quick turnover between submission of amendments, and actual debate of the Farm Bill, we are unsure of which amendments will actually make it to the floor. What we are hearing from our DC partners, is after submission of all amendments, the Rules Committee will review them, and may select just a few amendments to go on to the floor for debate, in an effort to finish by Thursday afternoon.  This makes advocacy work on the ground very challenging in the coming days. Please stay perched on the edge of your seat for more to come, we will pass along intel as the House debate starts tomorrow. A great way to stay engaged is via Twitter, follow CFJC @comfoodjustice for to-the-minute updates over the coming days.

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