Stand Up For Our Hungry Families & Underserved Farmers

The Senate Agriculture Committee passed their version of the 2013 Farm Bill last Tuesday May 14th, and have already prepared it for Senate Floor action. Yesterday the Senate held opening remarks, and today the Senate began Floor debate. The Senate will continue the most unpredictable reauthorization process to date, where they will move between floor debates on the Farm Bill and the recent Immigration legislation. The Senate may or may not be able to finish debate on either or both of these pieces of legislation before their next recess beginning on Memorial Day next Monday.

Amendments are being readied and it is time to help prepare your Senators for their votes this week. CFJC prioritizes amendments that support equitable programs highlighted in The Rural Equity and Access Act of 2013, a marker bill put together by GOAT Participants and spearheaded by close partner the Rural Coalition. CFJC also demands no cuts to SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamps), and supports Senator Gillibrand’s amendment to restore the $4 billion cuts to the program currently written into the Senate version of the bill.

We can’t afford to sever some of the most important safety nets for our poorest families, and cut down critical programs that increase equity for historically underserved producers of our nation’s food supply.

Reach out to your Senators and let them know where you stand.  See our full action alert for more detailed talking points, and call-in information. We encourage you to send your Senators the most recent collaborative GOAT letter highlighting the need for a Fair Farm Bill. Follow @comfoodjustice on Twitter today and throughout the #FarmBill process to get to-the-minute updates on Congress’ progress toward a #FairFarmBill

The House Agriculture Committee completed and voted their bill out of committee late on May 15 on a vote of 36-10.  Members of the Congressional Black, Hispanic and Progressive Caucuses contributed most of the votes against the bill in opposition to the deep cuts in the SNAP program contained in the bill. We are still awaiting news on when this bill will go to the House Floor.
Please consider: this is why we need your donation to our Advocacy Fund. Your donation supports advocacy efforts for equity in food, farm, and climate change policy. Thank you for your support.


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CFJC promotes the basic human right to healthy food while advancing social, agricultural, environmental and economic justice. Through advocacy, organizing and education, we collaborate with community-based efforts to create a sustainable food supply. We envision a food system in which all activities, from farm to table, are equitable, healthful, regenerative and community-driven.

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