CFCJ Priority Policy Area Survey

23 January 2013


Dear Friends, Allies, and Members,

Please take a brief moment (5-10 minutes) to complete the 2013 CFJC Priority Policy Area survey. Have your voice heard on the Coalition’s policy work this year, and also to help us identify alignement and collaboration. The deadline to complete the survey is January 31st.

Last year when we surveyed CFJC members, we received valuable feedback that in conjunction with conversations throughout California and across the country helped us to establish priority policy areas. In this year’s survey, we ask that  you help us build on the following areas for 2013:

  • Child Nutrition Act of 2010 implementation
  • Farm Bill: Immigration Reform
    • No cuts to SNAP
    • Restore 37 programs supporting small, sustainable farmers (inc. Section 2501)
    • GIPSA
    • Cut harmful riders such as the Monsanto Rider
  • Urban Agriculture Policy at the State level
  • Local Food Procurement & Environmental Procurement Protocol Procedures
  • Support California Food Policy Advocates’ state agenda and California Hunger Action Coalition’s Hunger Day of Action
  • GMO Labeling – despite the CA Prop 37 defeat
  • Pesticide Reform
  • CA Homemade Food Act Implementation
  • CA Healthy Food Financing
  • Water rights in partnership with Community Water Center
Please take the survey today.
In Solidarity,


CFJC promotes the basic human right to healthy food while advancing social, agricultural, environmental and economic justice. Through advocacy, organizing and education, we collaborate with community-based efforts to create a sustainable food supply. We envision a food system in which all activities, from farm to table, are equitable, healthful, regenerative and community-driven.

If you believe in these principles JOIN CFJC NOW.

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