Door-to-Door Outreach Works!

4 July 2012

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By Erin Middleton, Community Outreach Specialist

Last month the California Food and Justice Coalition responded to a request from Acta Non Verb: Youth Urban Farm Project (ANV) to assist with door-to-door outreach. It took place around Tassafaronga Farm in the Elmhurst neighborhood of Oakland with the purpose of promoting their youth summer camp.

 Children from ANV’s program spontaneously teamed up with us to do the canvasing and in some cases even translated information for the residents. The outreach was effective – many people were home and willing to speak with us. Many residents have children and so the information was applicable to them and they all seemed to appreciate seeing and speaking with youth already a part of ANV.  As a result of the outreach, Acta Non Verba exceeded their goal of 20 registered participants and instead have 26 children enrolled!

ANV provides a safe and creative outdoor space for children, youth, and local community members to engage in workshops and programs to deepen their understanding of nutrition and increase access to healthy foods through urban agriculture. ANV’s youth summer camp is free and engages children K-8, in gardening, business and cooking classes. The program is free and includes breakfast and lunch.  

CFJC is proud to partner with Acta Non Verba and will continue teaming up with community based organizations and support outreach efforts. We recognize the effectiveness of one-on-one conversations and look forward to many more door-to-door outreach outings.

Click here to get involved with Acta Non Verba: Youth Urban Farm Project.

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