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19 June 2012

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CFJC supports the following amendments and urges you to take action TODAY!
Out of over 200 amendments proposed to the Senate for the Farm Bill (S. 3240), the Senate has chosen 72 amendments to be voted on today, June 19th

We stand with the Public Heath Institute in their decisions to support the following amendments:

Nelson-NE Amendment #2243 – SNAP performance bonus reinvestment
Requires states to reinvest SNAP performance bonuses into SNAP.

Gillibrand Amendment #2156 – Restore SNAP cuts; Invest in FFVP and TEFAP
Restores the $4.5 billion cut to SNAP made in the Senate Farm Bill that would cause 500,000 low-income households to lose about $90 in monthly benefits. Invests an additional $500 million in the Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Snack program for low-income children. Clarifies USDA’s authority to make bonus TEFAP purchases in consideration of states’ needs in addition to agricultural market conditions, to help reverse the drop off in TEFAP commodities resulting from high food prices. Paid for by capping at $825 million per year what can be paid to reimburse crop insurance providers (currently $1.3 billion per year) and capping the rate of return that crop insurance companies can get at 12% (currently 14%).

Manchin Amendment #2345 – Dietary Guidelines for Pregnant Women, Infants and Toddlers
Requires the Secretary to establish national nutritional and dietary guidelines for pregnant women, infants and toddlers up to age 2, consistent with the existing national dietary guidelines process.

Additionally, CFJC supports the following Farm Bill Program

Outreach and Assistance Program for Socially Disadvantaged Farmer and Ranchers (OASDFR), Section 2501
Funding has been reduced and participation expanded for Section 2501. Amendments Udall (#2417) and Brown (#2362) requested increased funding, however Udall will not be voted on, and Brown was stripped of any funding for 2501, leaving only a fraction of the program’s funding, $25 million over 5 years compared to 2008 Farm Bill funding which offered $75 million over 4 years.

Call your Senators Immediately! These Amendments can positively affect the state of your food system for the next 4-6 years, and you have a chance to make real change. Call this toll-free number 877-698-8228 to get through to your Senators, and/or send them a written message here
Your Senators want to hear from you to know what their constituents are passionate about.


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