Swarm-In at Bayer

21 May 2012

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By Erin Middleton, Community Outreach Specialist

On Wednesday, May 16th, eager activists, bee-keepers, families and Occupiers buzzed in from all over the East Bay to swarm Bayer in protest of their neonicitinoid pesticides that have been scientifically linked to the world-wide collapse of bees.

Marching down San Pablo towards Bayer, protesters chanted, “our food system is fallin’ without the bee’s pollen!” and “whose bees? OUR BEES!”. Children and adults alike sported bee fare and bee-keeper outfits. We swarmed Bayer’s primary entrance while chanting for Senior Vice President Joerg Heidrich come out to receive the prestigious Poisoned Heart Award. For some unknown and surprising reason, he was indisposed. So we had a symbolic ceremony in front of their primary driveway. And yes, we successfully closed that entrance for the afternoon and all traffic was diverted elsewhere.

Although Bayer’s achievements in the realm of corporate domination of our food system are many, we awarded them primarily for their large role in Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD).

As part of the award speech read, “…with just one class of pesticides, Bayer has not only threatened the entire honeybee population, they’ve put beekeepers in serious trouble as their entire businesses literally collapse in front of them, and of course – because every third bite of food is dependent upon bees for pollination – they’ve endangered the variety and nutritional value of our very food system. Good job, Bayer!”

After the award ceremony the protesters dressed as bees dropped dead in front of Bayer. “But… I don’t WANT to die!” yelled one young protester, and another moaned “My honey! I haven’t finished making my honey!”

Bayer is not the only corporation with egregious violations against our food supply and pollinators. East Bay communities will continue to shed light on the “Big 6” pesticide and biotech companies (Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, Bayer, BASF and Dupont) through other effective and creative means such as the Bayer Swarm-In.

Stay tuned at TakingBackOurFoodSystem.org.

More pictures of the event can be found here.

For more information and press coverage of the event, please visit http://cafoodjustice.org/cfjc-in-the-news/

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