Fundraising in the face of state budget issues

21 July 2011

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by Alyson Murphy, CFJC Intern

For nearly a decade California has fallen victim to significant budget deficits. Last month, Governor Jerry Brown signed the state budget, which includes billions of dollars in cutbacks that will mostly affect the poor, elderly and disabled.
Understandably, many Californians cry out in protest: Why do social services have to suffer so much? Why is the budget process so opaque? Why can’t California solve its financial issues already?

At a time when the economy remains weak, California nonprofit organizations have been hit particularly hard this year by state budget cuts. With layoffs and other major setbacks common phenomena in the nonprofit sector, CFJC has not been immune to budget woes.

Nevertheless, CFJC remains optimistic about our potential to continue coalition-building and to develop our current campaigns. As CFJC enters a transition period next month, we expect many exciting opportunities. Instead of dwelling on the shortfall in state funds, CFJC has set its sights on a number of funding prospects from private foundations. Because food justice takes into account several environmental issues—from land use to diet-related illness to worker rights—CFJC tends to catch the eye of a variety of organizations and individuals with environmental initiatives. It is our hope that potential funders will be just as enthusiastic about the food justice movement as we are and, in turn, will provide us with the resources to move forward.

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