Oxnard Residents Win 1.5 Acre Lot For Community Garden

18 July 2011

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Written by Christina Spach, CFJC Program Coordinator

CFJC staff traveled to Oxnard last week to meet with our partners Silvia Lopez- Navarro and Blanca Arias from the Ventura County Health Department as part of our joint project, Mothers Taking Action.  Most of our time was spent evaluating the MTA project’s success thus far and developing mid-year corrections. However, we also had the pleasant opportunity to visit the site where local Oxnard residents will soon have a community garden.

Because of residents’ proactive approach and working closely with health department leaders, the city of Oxnard has donated a 1.5 acre lot to the Colonia community to be used for a garden. The city will also cover the water and maintenance costs.

“They contacted me and asked me to help them do something healthy for their community,” said Lopez-Navarro. “They wanted to do something to bring children, families and the city as awhole together and thought a community garden project would be a great idea,” she said.

This is an exciting opportunity for local access to fruit and vegetables and symbolizes the beautiful marriage between community unity and real change.

“Thanks to the dedication and volunteer hours of all of the committee members, Oxnard will have another Community Garden they can be proud of,” said Silvia Lopez-Navarro.

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