Politics and Your Palate

4 May 2011


Perhaps a 10 cent increase in flour doesn’t mean much to the average, American consumer, but to someone living on less than ten dollars a day, any influx in food prices can mean the difference of feeding oneself, or feeding one’s family.

This month’s feature story in Foreign Policy Magazine focuses on the Geopolitics of Food and the multitude of factors that have culminated in an alarming increase in worldwide food prices. Political realignments, shortages in surplus food and a culmination of severe changes in weather, have created a worldwide food shortage that has not been able to keep up with increasing population. A growing demand in meat, which necessitates further use of land for animals, has created nearly a doubling in grain prices.

The continuing upward spiral of population and demand, and the resulting diminishing food supply, have generated an unprecedented food scarcity issue. Americans are not isolated from this concern and increasing food prices will catch up to us. Check out Foreign Policy’s cover story and photo spread on the economic and political issues affecting our global food supply.

Photo Source: IFRC on Flickr, December 9, 2008.

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